What is Entombing Me?

I was part of a group meditation a few years ago where we were asked to close our eyes and imagine we were Lazarus, how the tomb felt, the cold and damp, how we felt emotionally. We meditated on this for a few minutes. Then, we imagined Jesus calling our name to come out of the tomb. It was very a powerful experience.

Today is Holy Saturday. Jesus is in the tomb. The Father, as we know, will call Jesus forth from His tomb early in the morning. New Song has a tune called “Arise My Love.” You can Google “Arise My Love by New Song lyrics” to read it in its entirety. The song describes several things: Hell would like us simply to forget Jesus, “He’s dead,” the soldiers’ fright from the resurrection event, the Father calling Jesus out of the tomb by saying “Arise My Love,” how Jesus no longer has to suffer, the grave could no longer hold the King. (Of course, we weren’t there; we don’t know how Jesus was actually resurrected, but it’s something to think about.)

As we meditate on either of the tomb examples above, we might ask ourselves: What is entombing me? Is it worry, facing a tough decision or issue, employment issues, family troubles, sickness, burnout, fatigue, doubt, sadness, depression? I could go on and on.

What does this ‘tomb’ feel like in light of the difficulty we are facing? Is it narrow and constricting (by choking our zest for life)? Is it scary? Is it aggravating as we try to get out of the tomb (the situation)?

Now that you have identified your ‘tomb,’ imagine Jesus calling you forth from that tomb:

“(insert name), come forth from your tomb! Don’t be afraid. Trust in Me. Behold, I will make all things new.”

Happy Easter everyone!

Copyright © 2015 by Theresa M. Williams