All I Can Do is Pray?

Something I’ve been thinking about lately is the expression “All I can do is pray.” This makes prayer sound like a last resort and an ineffective tool, but this couldn’t be further from the truth! Praying for others is a sacred privilege we should take seriously. Our prayers are part of the support system that people need in their times of struggle. Looking back at my own prayer life, the fruit of those prayers, in some cases, has been nothing short of miraculous. At times, God made me wait for His answer, and sometimes my request wasn’t granted. When that happened, it took faith and trust in God’s wisdom to accept His response to my prayer. Prayer doesn’t always give us what we want, but we have to trust that God will always give us what we need. When I find it difficult to trust, I make it a point to remember what God has already done in my life and how faithful He has been in my darkest hours. Then, I have the courage to ask in prayer and trust the wisdom of His answer. I have learned that God’s answers to my prayers can be very surprising. Also, I need to be careful what I pray for because He may give me something I didn’t bargain for! When we pray, the results can be quite dramatic, and it has the power to change lives.

Copyright © 2015 by Theresa M. Williams



Miracle of the purificators

Kevin and I had come home from a Marriage Encounter weekend and noted that the purificators were quite dirty with purple stains. (A purificator is a white linen cloth used to wipe the cup after each one receiving communion drinks the precious blood.) I put the purificators in the bathroom sink and used whatever stain removers I could in order to remove the stains. When I had scrubbed and scrubbed and done the best I could, I rinsed each one. Both of us could still see hints of purple, but the stains were much better. I remember saying “Okay Lord, I’ve done the best I can; the rest is up to you.” I then draped them over a round surface so they would dry. I forgot all about them until the next morning. When I saw them, I looked but couldn’t see any purple stains, so I took them into a more well-lit area. I was astounded! I couldn’t find a single trace of the purple stains that were obviously still there the prior evening. I told Kevin about my finding and showed him, to which he replied that the Father takes care of the precious blood of His Son. Wow! What a statement! We both felt lumps in our throats as we contemplated what had occurred overnight. We felt it truly was a miracle.

Copyright © 2015 by Theresa M. Williams