How We Think Matters

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right. –Henry Ford

Have you ever thought of how negative–instead of positive–thinking by some now-famous people would have affected our world? What if Thomas Edison had given up on his experiments, specifically the light bulb and phonograph, or Louis Pasteur was not persistent regarding development of a rabies vaccine? Where would we be?

We’ve heard astounding stories of people who never gave up, whether it was a fight for survival, conducting an experiment, pursuing a dream of theirs or something else. The positive thinking, determination and persistence of others can change our world! If, however, they had given up due to negativity, laziness, lack of effort, etc., things would be much different.

Sometimes it’s hard to know when it’s futile to keep going with a project, when it’s best to regroup and try again, or how to know if our contribution will even make a difference.

All we can do is what we can do. However, if we don’t try, we’ll never know will we? If we do try, even if we ‘fail,’ we will hopefully learn something. Who knows, depending on what it is, we can make a difference, whether it’s for a few people or many. Happy persistence!

Copyright © 2015 by Theresa M. Williams