Dysfunction Junction – Incorrect/Negative Perceptions or Assumptions

I realize some of these things may not apply to you. If so, fantastic! You may, however, know someone who this does apply to and can consider sending them a link to this.

We all have negative or incorrect perceptions whether we think we do or not. Some things to consider are:

  • How the other person grew up.
  • What their parents or their life was like.
  • Did they have siblings or are they an only child?
  • What difficulties or obstacles have they had to overcome?

Some potential misconceptions: (We’ll use the names Drew and Jane for narrative’s sake.)

Drew is an only child, so he must be spoiled.

  • Not necessarily. He could have been overprotected by his parents. Sometimes parents will do that because they fear losing their one (and only) child. Always remember that the only child is the ‘baby’ (youngest), the oldest, and the one in the middle! They had no siblings to learn from.

Drew has siblings; he’s lucky.

  • Maybe he’s lucky, maybe not. Drew may not have siblings he’s fond of, that are fond of him, or who treat him well. Some siblings may not even speak to each other. There’s a lot to think about.

Jane has dyslexia (a learning disability) or stutters, has autism, ADHD, ADD (insert condition here), therefore she’s (insert assumption here).

Recommendation: Learn about the condition or situation. Try to understand and be compassionate. If circumstances were different, that could have been you!

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What’s your favorite Station of the Cross?

Seems like an odd question, doesn’t it? But, if you HAD to answer the question, what would it be? I posed this question to one of our deacons. We both had the same answer: ‘Veronica wipes the face of Jesus.’ First of all, with the crowd and the soldiers, I cannot imagine it was easy for Veronica to get close to Jesus. Also, women weren’t highly regarded in that culture. But she must have loved Jesus very much to wipe away His sweat and blood and do what little she could to relieve His suffering. In turn, He rewards her by imprinting His face on the cloth she used. One of the lessons here is, obviously, compassion. Also, it doesn’t take a huge act to make a difference to someone.

What’s YOUR favorite station of the cross? Also, is there something small someone did for you that made a difference to you? If so, would you care to share it with us?

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