Good Things Come in Small Packages

This phrase usually describes some sort of gift, perhaps an expensive gift, like jewelry. I have another take on this. Recently, in the mall, my husband and I were walking to yet another store for some gifts. When we passed by some ballerinas performing to music, I stopped briefly to watch. Sure, I noticed the tall thin ladies, and they were very graceful and pretty. But what struck me was the ballerina in the front. She had very pretty but athletic legs. She had a beautiful innocent smile, and she was at least a head shorter than her fellow ballerinas. (You could say she came in a ‘smaller package.’) While I am well aware of height differences–being as short as I am–what I noticed was she didn’t seem to need the long thin legs the others had in order to be graceful. She made the most of what God had given her and did a very nice job.

No matter what size package WE come in, let us take the time to appreciate our differences but also take notice of what God has blessed each of us with. I’m not talking about merely physical attributes, but good things like a nice smile, a good attitude, a kind heart, a sense of humor, compassion, you get the idea. Let’s take note—not only during this holiday season, but all throughout the year–of what unique and special gifts our friends and acquaintances are to us. The attributes I described above are like small packages, and good things come in small packages!

Copyright © 2015 by Theresa M. Williams