Have we no shame?

I’ve just blogged about socks. Now it’s time to get serious.

At the risk of sounding old-fashioned or, gasp, old, I remember a time when we didn’t even think about putting ads on TV for feminine or incontinence products, hemorrhoid cream, men’s performance issues in the bedroom, etc. Now, we hear less about hemorrhoid cream and more about Viagra and Cialis. Is this all people think about? Good grief! Why not turn our attention to the higher things of life like how to improve our relationships, eat healthier meals, or manage our finances? Maybe if we thought more about those things, rather than having an over preoccupation with sex, we’d all be better off. I’m not trying to trivialize the need for getting proper medical help for a delicate personal issue, but it seems like we’re bombarded by the topic of sex in one form or another. If it isn’t drug therapy, it’s scantily clad women in an automobile ad, or worse. Maybe if we respected our bodies more and kept private the things that should remain private, we’d have a society with better morals. Just saying.

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