Did I Meet An Angel in Disguise?

My boss and I were recently discussing employees, how people are so different from each other, and how we can misjudge them. I described to her one lady who worked for me as a temp. (For purposes of this article, I will call her Trudy.) When she came in, I was shocked. Trudy’s clothes resembled those of a homeless person. While they were clean, they were quite worn. I must tell you my first, not-so-favorable impression was not my final impression of Trudy. Thank goodness! Let me explain. I trained Trudy, and she asked good questions. She learned well and did very good work. I learned that Trudy took public transportation every day. Since our location in Rock Hill was off Dave Lyle Boulevard, she had to walk a considerable distance from her drop-off point (near the freeway) to our office. Trudy could have very easily given up, saying it was too hard, yet she never complained about it. She was pleasant, and I enjoyed having Trudy work for me. At some point during her stay, Trudy had some family/personal issues that prevented her from continuing to work with us. She was sad to leave and really wanted to stay. We loved Trudy, and she loved us. She hugged us and told us she would miss us. We hated to see her go and would miss Trudy’s spirit. 

When I finished relating this story to my boss, she said ‘You know, sometimes we are tested. She could have been an angel in disguise.’ I was stunned that this had never even occurred to me. Indeed Trudy could have been an angel in disguise. If she was, I wonder if I passed the test. 

This incident should teach us all something. We never know where or how we will meet Christ, or an angel, incognito, in disguise. Are our hearts prepared? 

Copyright © 2015 by Theresa M. Williams