Can I vent?

Recently, a co-worker named LeAnn asked me this question. I was puzzled, but I said yes. A little background: This woman is a polite, soft-spoken individual who had already mentioned some troubles she was having the week prior. A client had been very demanding and insisted on something being delivered to their office that day. This threated to jeopardize a software training class LeAnn was required to attend. In light of this, I suspected she had something similar happen and needed to talk. As I listened, LeAnn told me that the client had since changed their mind and wasn’t even in a hurry for it. She was understandably frustrated about the series of events, and I nodded understanding.

Sometimes all we need is a listening ear. We aren’t necessarily looking for someone to fix our problem, just someone to empathize. I shared with LeAnn what I heard animals do when they encounter trauma. They go into the woods and do a good ‘shake.’ This relieves the stress hormones in their bodies and helps them recover. We humans can do something similar. I urged LeAnn to consider giving it a try. I don’t know if she did or not, but she was very grateful for the chance to vent and the perspective offered. If nothing else, the story got LeAnn’s mind off her troubles, which is what she wanted to accomplish in the first place.

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