Jesus’ getting it done!

being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.

Philippians 1:6 NIV

Jesus is no slacker. If He started something, He’ll finish it. It reminds me of the redneck expression ‘git ‘er done!’ so often used by people like Larry the Cable Guy. To me, this Bible verse in Philippians speaks of trusting in the One who started it all, God. He’ll get it done!




4 thoughts on “Jesus’ getting it done!

  1. I personally have learned that a lot of times when we say we are waiting for God, He is waiting for us. I will change that to “I” even though it is not proper grammar to write the in the first person. There is usually something that “I” can be doing to speed things along. Tithe. Give. Confess the promise related to what I am praying about. Spend more time seeking the Lord for further direction what to do. Move in the little nudges I am aware of while waiting for the “bigger” picture to unfold. A lot of times when I “do” what I am sensing, then God begins to move again on my behalf.


  2. If only as Christians, we can truly let God help us in all our decisions to “get it done”, even it the out come is different than what we thought we wanted, we would all be happier people only if we really believe that God knows best.


  3. Not only will he get it done, rest assured it will be done right as well. Give to Him all your doubts, insecurities, weaknesses, fears and He will handle it. We can take comfort in that. And don’t forget to thank him.


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