Dysfunction Junction – Finding Fault and Overstepping Your Bounds

Finding fault – Simply try to mentally walk in the other person’s situation. This may be very tough to do, but try.

Overstepping your bounds:

I’ll give you some examples that may or may not be obvious to you:

  • Reorganizing or tidying others’ possessions. Unless you’re asked to or have permission to help, don’t do it! They are not your things, and others have their own ideas. What works great for you may not be helpful for someone else. Be respectful.
  • Giving unwanted or unasked for advice. This is a huge “no no!” Don’t tell others what they ‘should’ do (I call that ‘shoulding’ on others). MYOB (mind your own business) unless you’re a parent and your children are not yet adults or you’re telling someone about a scam or something else that may harm them.

You can probably think of your own examples.

Bottom line is when all else fails and the relationship is too toxic, it’s time to rethink things, even if these people are your family!

Copyright © 2015 by Theresa M. Williams