Things People Don’t Know About Me

1       My favorite color is blue.

2       I’m a cat person but can’t have one due to allergies.

3       I loved composition class in high school. It gave me an opportunity to express myself in a way I couldn’t otherwise. I loved to play the drums for the same reason.

4       I married the first man I ever dated. I’m still in love with him!

5       In elementary school, I told my fellow singers I thought we sounded like a bunch of gophers. I’m not sure now what I meant by that… Now I’m afraid to remember! Did we sound like Alvin and the Chipmunks?

6       When I was about six years old, I killed a mouse with the leg of a chair while my parents were milking cows in the barn. I don’t think they had video games back then. What would they have called it? Mouse Wars?

7       My husband taught me how to drive a manual transmission car (‘stick shift’) on Treasure Island Naval Base across the bay from San Francisco.

8       I’ve heard a cheetah purr!

9       My favorite butterfly is the Eastern Swallowtail (yellow).

10     I played in a bicentennial band at Mount Rushmore (South Dakota) on July 4, 1976.

11     I love dolphins. I’ve seen them feeding!

12     My husband and I teach a class on marriage for aspiring Catholics, but I’m the one who talks about proper attitudes towards sex. Since women don’t usually talk about sex as much as men, we think people will pay more attention to what’s being said.

13     I played a small role in the movie “Ike” while I was serving as a percussion player in the Army in California.

14     My favorite season is spring.

15     I don’t like squirrels. I think they have bad attitudes.

16     I love barred owls.

17     I got compliments from an Army general after playing timpani (large round kettle-shaped drums) on “Hallelujah Chorus” in the Army.

18     I like sardines in mustard sauce.

19     My husband and I refer to dog sizes (small to large) as follows:

Yip yaps, arf arfs, and woof woofs.

20     I hate high heels, but I love CROCS shoes.

Please let me know which ones you like.

Copyright © 2015 by Theresa M. Williams


2 thoughts on “Things People Don’t Know About Me

  1. Theresa I love them all. You are so willingly to open your heart to others, thank you. It certainly got me thinking of “some of my favorite things”. Watching birds build their nest, hatch their eggs and help their fledglings to fly. Azaleas in full bloom. Walking hand and hand with your best friend( my husband, Jim). Kids playing and laughing outdoors in the sunshine. Family dinners. Friends sharing memories!

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