Miracle of the purificators

Kevin and I had come home from a Marriage Encounter weekend and noted that the purificators were quite dirty with purple stains. (A purificator is a white linen cloth used to wipe the cup after each one receiving communion drinks the precious blood.) I put the purificators in the bathroom sink and used whatever stain removers I could in order to remove the stains. When I had scrubbed and scrubbed and done the best I could, I rinsed each one. Both of us could still see hints of purple, but the stains were much better. I remember saying “Okay Lord, I’ve done the best I can; the rest is up to you.” I then draped them over a round surface so they would dry. I forgot all about them until the next morning. When I saw them, I looked but couldn’t see any purple stains, so I took them into a more well-lit area. I was astounded! I couldn’t find a single trace of the purple stains that were obviously still there the prior evening. I told Kevin about my finding and showed him, to which he replied that the Father takes care of the precious blood of His Son. Wow! What a statement! We both felt lumps in our throats as we contemplated what had occurred overnight. We felt it truly was a miracle.

Copyright © 2015 by Theresa M. Williams