The Our Father ‘as we’

How many times do we fluff over the words ‘as we’ in the Our Father–forgive us our trespasses ‘as we’ forgive those who trespass against us? Jesus is telling us that if we don’t forgive others, we will not be forgiven; we will be forgiven only as we forgive. Are we quick to forgive? Do we hold a grudge? One of our retreat masters asked us this question: What would we say to Jesus at judgment day if our offender is standing in front of Jesus and Jesus turns to us and asks us if He should let that person into heaven? What would our response be? Would we be forgiving and allow them in? It is something to think about. Who do we need to forgive?

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9 thoughts on “The Our Father ‘as we’

  1. Thanks Michael! At our Adult Faith Formation class recently, the subject of this prayer came up. We also discussed forgiveness.


  2. Very revealing. As we judge, so too shall we be judged. I heard it said, that we love God only as much as the person we like the least….Ouch! When an idea is properly framed, it’s impossible to avoid ‘the truth’ of the matter. Thanks for provoking this dialogue.-M.


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