No butterflies near oceans

There aren’t butterflies near the ocean!

Someone from my church made that comment to me as I was showing her and her husband the cover of my book From Agnostic to Deacon. She suggested that a seagull would be more appropriate than a butterfly. I looked at her and told her there was a very good reason a butterfly was shown rather than a seagull. I urged her to read the book and, in particular, a certain chapter that would explain all about the significance of butterflies.

The cover of the book shows two sets of footprints converging, representing Kevin and I meeting each other. The footprints then continue on side by side in the sand, representing our journey together. A yellow butterfly is shown near those sets of footprints and represents God’s goodness. Read the book to learn why yellow butterflies mean so much to us. Not only do I not have room to explain here, I don’t want to spoil it for you. Have a yellow butterfly day!